My 21st

So I awoke August 14th at my usual 5.30am, got my shower and had breakfast. Leticia had made pancakes as a special surprise, and they were delicious!

School was fairly standard until just before home time when I was told I “had to speak with the director”. In the meeting room they had a big chocolate cake and lots of coke- delish! It was quite a funny but awkward experience to smile at 20 strangers singing you happy birthday, as they chat away in Spanish and I fail to figure out what they’re saying. But still, what a lovely gesture- and the cake was amazing.

Later that night Christina and I met up with Beci and Sarah. Tito’s Bolos (Tito’s Bowling) was the venue. First we had a loverly meal in a restaurant of a surprisingly good calibre for a bowling alley. Afterward we played bowling, my favourite hobby, and it was quite different to the bowling at home. There was no electronic scoring system, no neon lights or disco music- instead we had pencil and paper to count our scores, quiet merengue playing in the background and a button to press after every go to reset the pins.

The girls got me a gift, which I was totally loving. They thought it would be funny- a kind of ‘token’ present. I think they were gobsmacked when I actually loved the bright yellow shorts they had bought me. “I need shorts this is amazing!!!”



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