Un Regalo

A lovely gift from Eileen’s family; a bracelet from the Museo Del Caribe that symbolises the indigenous peoples of Riohacha. Advertisements


Amor y Amistad

In Colombia September is dedicated to the feast of Amor y Amistad (Love & Friendship), with the actual day falling on the third Saturday of the month. This is the country’s equivalent of St Valentine’s Day- people go out to bars and clubs, couples spend the day together doing something special and workplaces, schools and groups of friends organise amigo secreto games- a sort of secret Santa for Love and Friendship.

In our school lots of the staff joined in with the amigos secretos so I figured this would be a nice way to integrate with the school community and get to know more about Colombian culture. The day before our secret friend lunch I headed out and bought my gifts for Sulamy (The English teacher, who I had been assigned to get a present for). I got a selection of sweets, marshmallows and of course chocolate.

During the lunch everyone was in good spirits. I was too until I saw what the food was- lasagne. (Friends, family and blog-stalkers will know that I really despise cheese) I tried to quietly and subtly say “Cheers, but I’ll be fine with a bit of coke” (Coca-cola! I don’t know what you were thinking.) but once one person had heard a whisper of “no me gusta queso” the whole room was hustle and bustle with an interrogation: “Are you sure you don’t like cheese?” “Have you tried lasagne its really nice?” and “Just try it, you might like this cheese”. Needless to say, a chuckle and smile (of course in my head I’m going “PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I DO NOT LIKE CHEESE, I NEVER HAVE DONE AND NEVER WILL”) kind of got me out of trouble with this one- but apparently some staff members are conspiring to buy me cheese because they’re sure if I just eat some I will like it. I admire their efforts, I really do. They should work for the secret service or something.

We exchanged gifts, had a laugh… Ate lasagne. All was good. My gift was lovely- a selection of different traditional Colombian sweets. They were delicious! Pictures below.


Panelitas de Arequipe 1
Panelitas de Arequipe 2
Bocadillo de Guayaba
Arequipe con Leche 1
Arequipe con Leche 2


Arequipe con Leche

What a lovely pot- I wish sweets at home came in such nice containers. Advertisements


Arequipe con Leche

This is Arequipe once more, this time a bit runnier in a paste-like substance with milk and other things, delicious, and it comes in an adorable wee pot too. Advertisements


Bocadillo de Guayaba

Having been taught all my life that ‘bocadillo’ was Spanish for ‘sandwich’, I was surprised when I was given these. They are Guayaba, a fruit, that is made into a sugary block that I suppose is kind of like Turkish Delight. It’s covered in Arequipe. They are nice, but extremely sweet- even with my sweet … Continue reading