Shower Time


This is a picture of my shower. As you can see, it’s quite different from the usual showers we have at home. The water is cold and it comes out in one straight, single steam- a bit like a hose. You may think that cold showers might be a bit of a nightmare, but here in Barranquilla the temperature hovers in and around 30 degrees all day, and at night it only dips to the mid 20s. A cold shower in this weather is delightfully refreshing. Here the culture is that when showering, you get all wet from the water and then turn it off. Then you lather up with your soap/shower-gel or whatever and finally turn the shower back on to wash off. Not a bad idea when you consider how precious a commodity water can be, and here in Colombia there are millions of people without direct access to clean water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. Here on the Caribbean coast, people usually shower two or three times a day. In the intense heat and humidity people can get rather sweaty, and a quick shower is also a nice way to cool down. The locals find it disgusting that people in Bogotá and other places where the climate is a bit more mild only shower once a day. They can’t believe it.


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