Family Reunion

Last Sunday I was invited to come along to the monthly family get-together of my mentor’s familia. I had already met most of her family members, and I live with her aunt and cousin so I figured it can’t be that bad.

We went to this big sort of recreation place: it had a restaurant, swimming pool, pool tables and other games and things. It was quite cool. I met all the cousins, aunties, uncles and even grandma. The meal was nice.

Afterwards we went back to where I live. The whole family and I sat outside the house, played bingo and then charades. It was very funny, and nice to do something with my days off instead of walking around shopping malls or sitting in my room reading and surfing the web. We even had cake- mmmm!

So all in all this was a good day. The last week or so has been uneventful- I went out with a few fellow language assistants on Saturday but we just had a few beers, and went home at around 12 because we were all so wrecked from working all week. Christina and I went to the cinema twice (our Internet was off for two days) and I can say that House on the End of the Street is quite good, but that Baby on Board could possibly give The Tourist a run for its money as the worst film ever made.


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