Piscina & Museo Del Caribe


Today was a very chévere (“cool”) day. Eileen had invited me to come along with her boyfriend and family to a swimming pool and rec-centre to spend the day with them.

In the morning we met at the pool. Eileen’s family are so nice- getting me jugo de corozo to try and really making me feel welcome to be with them. The pool was great: nice warm water, sunshine falling down and music in every part of the centre, and it had a fun, happy atmosphere! We played games in the pool and had a delicious lunch; and I had a really great time! I’m now slightly redder than before… But hopefully my tomato-ish tint will transform into a beautiful, bronze Caribbean tan.

After lunch the family took me off to the Museo Del Caribe; a recently built museum celebrating Colombia’s caribbean coast. The first room was dedicated to Gabriel García Márquez- a real treat for me; I was so thrilled to see the cartoons depicting scenes from his wonderful stories, and even get to touch and look through books, typewriters and other things that belonged to him. They even have the typewriter which was used to write the very first copy of Amor en Los Tiempos de Cólera (Love in the Time of Cholera), which is my favourite book of all time. (It’s a shame the movie is absolutely shite)

In the rest of the museum I got to see the different ecosystems and landscapes along the coast; a taste of the indigenous and immigrant groups that have lived, and still live, in this region; a sense of all the types of music and dance here; and every other thing you could possibly wish to know about the colombian caribe. Eileen’s family even very kindly got me a lovely bracelet, symbolising the indigenous groups of Riohacha- I’ll be sure to wear it all the time!



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