Got a haircut!


Got a haircut- my first since coming to Colombia. It was a quite weird experience.

So I went to the salon, asked did I need an appointment and was just told to sit down. A woman came over and I explained I wanted it short, but not too short- not the clearest of missions, but she assured me she knew exactly what I wanted.

This haircut took ages. She spent ages playing with my hair, and when I thought it was done, she spent nearly 10 minutes preening over it, cutting out any slight imperfections. Then she moved me to another chair, where a girl washed my hair. Soon I was back on the other seat and she was shaving the back of my neck and carefully going around the edges of my haircut with a razor, fixing any slight imperfections. Then when she had done, she took some treatments, mouse and stuff and fixed my hair into what I suppose is my new hairstyle. It was weird because she only spoke to ask about my hair- not at all like getting a haircut at home where the entire time it feels more like a conversation. She also wore a mask. No other men were in the salon, except for one guy getting a manicure. He wasn’t gay, the men here just do that.

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