December Update

I haven’t blogged in burras (Donkeys) and this isn’t really because I haven’t done much… On the contrary I have done lots! In the time since my last post I have been to a party and parade in the wonderful Cartagena, waded through crocodile infested waters and dodged monkeys in Tayrona national park and had lots of fiestas.

My Spanish isn’t improving too much which is a major bummer… To combat this I’ve started busting out my grammar book every so often and studying. Fun times. I’ve made lots of new friends… But currently my number of Colombian friends is still in single figures, and my main social circle consists of native English speakers. In the new year I am going to try super hard to speak more Spanish and force myself to learn more, as at this point I’m a bit worried I’m not succeeding in my main goal.

I’m a lot happier now. I keep busy with a dance class three times a week and meeting up with amigos as much as possible. The discovery of a good barra libre has kept my weekends full to the brim. My Christmas plans are taking shape and although I’m super sad that I can’t go home for it, I’m excited for what I will do.

Some things Colombians do still annoy me, but I’m getting used to the culture bit by bit. Being late for everything is starting to become the norm, and a big lunch is now necessary but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to walking at a snails pace.

Anyway that’s about it.


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