Sexy Dancing in Cartagena

Ryan and Tamsin about to start the dance

In our hostel in Cartagena (El Viajero, which I would definitely recommend) we had a dance lesson each night. The first night we did a great routine of African dancing- it was great fun, and a great workout too! The second night we were treated to some Champeta, a dance style that originates in Cartagena. The first 45 minutes or so of the lesson were fun and tiring… But only three of us (Ryan, Tamsin and I) stayed for the last part- which was a bit more intimate.

Ryan and Tamsin paired up, as the male instructor used me to demonstrate. In the first move the girl falls into the guy, and gyrates a bit. In the second move. The girl hops up onto the guy and they gyrate a bit more. For the third move… The guy holds the girl underneath him as they gyrate. After Ryan and Tamsin did this gyrating for a bit, the whole hostel had come to watch and they got a rapturous round of applause. Then it was my turn, so Tamsin and I got going while abut 50 guests in the hostel sat around watching, cheering, hooting and shouting.

The dance was kind of like sex with clothes on- but totally allowed, as we were learning about culture. The audience loved it, we had a laugh… and learning champeta was definitely an eye opener into Colombian dancing.

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