Beaches, Jungle, New Years and… yellow underwear!


Up early on December 31st we headed off to the bus stop to make our way to Parque Tayrona- a wonderful national park with jungle and beaches, which I previously visited with Sarah and March. This time we were a big group of language assistants, heading to spend a unique Colombian Caribbean New Years Eve.

The walk in is beautiful- mostly boardwalk through the dense, hot jungle which makes the strong sea breeze chilly by comparison once you reach the coast.

Once on the wonderful beach we got some lovely jugos (juice) and reserved our hammocks.

We decided to get in on the special dinner arranged by the restaurant… But as poor language assistants we spoke to the chef who agreed to rustle up a special ‘vegetarian’ (I.e. cheap) meal for us. When it came to the meal we were last to be served. Several waitresses tried to attend to us, completely confused by our ‘vegetarian’ request, instead offering us the fish course. We were getting annoyed… Everyone else was eating and we were sat at a table playing mafia, a game which although popular with everyone else… Made me want to run away and hide. (No offense, Rob!)

Eventually after a lot of nagging the waitresses we finally got our meal- and it was… Ok. Afterwards we had a hilarious time playing ‘Spin the Pineapple’.


We headed down to the beach, all dressed in our yellow underwear. (In Colombia, this tradition brings you good luck). Somehow Rob didn’t realise that you wear the boxers underneath your other clothes…

We played a few drinking games, which eventually ended up with a hilarious game that included lots of swearing. At the beginning we were all so offended by the horrendous language… But after a few rounds we were all in the spirit singing, “**** you, you dirty *****” as the game went on.

Midnight grew closer so we all got together to take a big yellow pants photo. Once the clock struck (Heather’s phone) we all cheered, sang Auld Lang Syne (none of knew the words) and ran along the beach in nothing but out yellow pants… And some of us in even less!

We played some more games, danced some salsa and the party continued. Some of us went on to bed, Ryan and I sought out some fun people to hang with (failed… Instead met a weird Australian and a Colombian woman who was rounding up people to help her build a fire) and others (Rob) continued the party into the night.

It was a super dooper way to bring in the New Year, and one I won’t forget anytime soon! Thanks to all the guys there for making it amazing; Amy, Kelli, Heather, Rob, Ryan, Jay, Alex, Tamsin, and Lucy.


Not a bad place to bring in the new year, eh? This wonderful photo was taken by Ryan.


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  1. That does sound like an epic new year. I spent mine at a warehouse party in Brooklyn, New York. Definitely the best one I have ever spent. I think I am going to make sure to really celebrate every new year in a way from now on. Thanks for the inspiration : )

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