In Pictures: Mexico’s Cuban Embassy


I don’t understand why Cuba’s embassy in Mexico in planted at one end of Avenida Presidente Masaryk, one of the most exclusive and expensive streets in all of Mexico City. The socialist principles of Fidel Castro and the Cuban regime couldn’t be further removed than the designer stores planted along this main thoroughfare, which hosts Louis Vuitton, Prada, Ferrari and Tiffany’s.

I was walking along Masaryk this sunday, on my way to eat lunch and have a walk in the park when I stumbled across a rally and vigil celebrating the life of Fidel Castro. I was surprised not to see an anti-Castro counter protest, but I guess those people were busy.

There must have been around 200 people when I arrived. Most carrying banners, pictures and flowers. Some were dressed in T-Shirts with socialists slogans and many were wearing green petrol caps made popular by Fidel. There were speeches, chants and songs. Messages of solidarity were sent to the people of Venezuela and Palestine. I’m sure if I’d stuck around longer the Irish, tibetans, Angolans, South-Africans and others would have been mentioned to.

I’m not writing my own opinion here because 1) I can’t be arsed and 2) I can’t be arsed, but here are the pictures I took.


“If you can’t fight for others, you’ll never be able to fight for yourself”


“Dictatorship? The murdering dictatorships belonged to Batista, Pinochet, R Vide, Romeo Lucar, Ríos Montt, Leonida Trujillo, Somaza, Castela Branco, A Straessner, Hugs Banzer… They’re all responsible for murders and disappearances in our America backed by the USA and CIA.”



“Fidel would go hard on Trump”


Trump Out!





“Thank you Fidel for defending your people. Your actions live on today in many of us, just like Che’s actions before you…”


A certain US President Elect was not a popular figure… 


You haven’t died Commander, you’ve only gone to be reunited with Che, to complete the revolution and topple dictatorships in heaven, and to free the political prisoners in hell”. 


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