Colombia’s best known and cherished author Gabriel García Márquez inspired the title of this blog. His best known work, One Hundred Years of Solitude (Cien Años de Soledad) coincided with the name of the college I went to work in during my degree. For one year I was an English teacher extraordinaire at the Instituto Tecnológico de Soledad Atlantico, and my earlier blog posts are about this time and the travelling I did during this year.

Current posts are about my time in Mexico City, a new adventure I’ve embarked on. No longer an English teacher or Spanish student, Ill be working as a software salesman as I try to have an adventure here in Mexico.

3 responses

  1. Hello,

    If you happen to be based in Bogota, we’d like to invite you to enter into our little blog competition for a chance to win an invitation for two to our new day trip to Fusagasuga including transport, tour guide, a full tour around a working coffee farm and a coffee tasting class with the experts.

    The details of the competition can be found in our blog under the post “Win an invitation for two to the launch of our new tours”

    We look forward to reading your posts.

    Best wishes,

    The Uncover Colombia team

  2. Hey Daniel,

    Brilliant Colombia blog! Are you still out there? I was in Bogotá for my third year and absolutely loved it. I’m now back and casting for a new documentary about sex and relationships for MTV. We’re looking for young people in South America-I was wondering if you knew anyone who might be interested? Do you have an email where I could send you a bit more information about it?



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