Today I made some delicious jugo de Maracuya (That’s passion fruit juice for those who don’t know the lingo) and added a little vodka something special because I’m celebrating. This was my favourite drink when I was in Clombia so I felt it was an appropriate choice as tonight I am celebrating the end of my degree. I am over the moon because I managed to achieve a 2.1 in politics and a fantastic first in Spanish which I just could not have done without the help and support of all my friends in Colombia!


Gracias a todas las personas en Colombia que me ayudaron durante mi estancia en este país maravilloso. Gracias a ustedes por ayudarme especialmente a mejorar mi nivel de español y enseñarme unas palabras bien chéveres y Full bacanas!

Btw… To make the juice: empty some passion fruits, ice, water and sugar (to taste) in a blender and mix it all up!

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