Turibus Sur: Coyoacán

Today was my birthday so after a phone call from Mum and Dad I headed off to Mexico’s premiere British restaurant for a nice Sunday dinner.

It was closed.

So anyway I headed off to Fuente de Cibeles and got a delicious and LARGE lunch there, sitting outside by the fountain and watching all the people go by with their adorable dogs of all sizes. I got the tour bus again today and it brought me round to Coyoacán, where I strolled through the park and wandered around the market for a good bit. I stopped at a stall in the market to do some PAINTING and left with a beautiful Mexican mask.

I saw 4 clowns today. FOUR! I understand the comedy and tricks they do can be funny, but do they have to wear the creepy costumes?

All my pictures are in this video 🙂


Bosque de Chapultepec

Wikipedia informs me that Bosque de Chapultepec is Latin Americas largest city park and that really doesn’t surprise me. This Sunday I visited the park to capture Pokémon and see the botanical gardens, sit by the large lakes and learn a bit more about Mexico city. (I caught a Volteon!!!)

This is my Snapchat story from the day (go full screen, dare ye)

Oh… and here’s the Volteon!