Desert Island

During today’s “Desert Island” task (Make survival rules) the funny answers included, “You must not shit on the beach,” “We mustn’t fornicate with each other,” and “The girls must cook for the boys.” I think my class is full of a few wannabe comedians

Getting Started

So my first two weeks or so in Barranquilla weren’t the best. I was in a grumpy mood because of my accommodation, the weather was tough to deal with and I was extremely homesick. On top of this, I was left more or less to my own devices with no friends so I was extremely bored a lot, and had no idea about how to get around the city – or what there was to do.

Nonetheless things have got better. I don’t feel as bad about my room now, but I’m still looking to move. I’ve hung out with a few Colombians, done a few touristy things and I’m starting to get used to work in the school. Things are looking up.